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7 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

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If you’ve always dreamt of tying the knot outside, read our top tips for planning an outdoor wedding…

Inform your guests

Make sure you let your guests know the ceremony is outside in plenty of time so they can dress appropriately. The best way to inform them is by putting it on the invitation.

Talk to your photographer

Meet with your photographer beforehand at the venue so you can discuss your photos and where the sun will be during your ceremony. The last thing you need is to be squinting into the sun or hidden in the shade on your photographs.

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Prepare for the weather

Be as prepared as you can for the weather. You may want to have umbrellas on standby, warmer clothing at the ready for the bridal party and plenty of sun cream if it’s a hot day!

Choose the right music

If you play music from an ipod or CD player, you’ll just need to ensure its loud enough for everyone to hear. If you want a string quartet or live band, check they are happy to play outside and have all the equipment they need. 

WEB - Woodside Wedding - Couple Bus-242342-edited-076039-edited

Think about lighting

If it’s a sunny day, you probably won’t need any lights but if it’s dull or cloudy, adding some string lights or lanterns to your outdoor setting can add a romantic ambience.

Keep the decorations simple

One of the bonuses of an outdoor wedding is the natural beauty around you so try not to go over the top with decorations. Flowers wrapped around an outdoor pagoda always look beautiful, as do ones placed on the aisle ends.

WEB Ani Evans Photography Woodside Wedding-1002

Have a back-up plan

Unfortunately, the great British weather can be unpredictable, so it’s worth having an indoor back-up plan for your ceremony. Your wedding planner will discuss this with you so you know exactly where you’ll be on the day. Should the weather take a turn for the worst, try not to let it put a damper on your day, stay positive and embrace it - this is your wedding day!

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