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Why Pick A Civil Celebrant For Your Wedding Day

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The only way to enjoy a wedding ceremony that is totally tailored to you, a civil celebrant is ideal for couples who want to design every element of their wedding.

A civil celebrant is someone who performs ceremonies for occasions such as weddings. Rather than following a set of rules and specific wording like a priest or registrar would, a civil celebrant has the flexibility to incorporate any words, rituals and music that means most to you as a couple.

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Since a civil celebrant does not have the power to make a wedding ceremony legally binding, couples choosing this option organise a marriage license and sign their wedding certificate prior to the wedding ceremony. This can be done any day prior to the ceremony by appointment at a registry office and makes the wedding legally binding. Subsequently, couples have the freedom to create a ceremony that is purely about them as a couple, rather than following particular legal rules.

Here are some of the key benefits of selecting a civil celebrant for a wedding ceremony.

A Time That’s Yours

Registrars have to be booked into particular timeslots, which may not suit your ideal timings for your wedding day. With a number of rescheduled weddings set to take place in 2021 in particular, it may be difficult to book a registrar on certain dates at all. A civil celebrant tends to only book one wedding per day, so they will be flexible and fit into your timings, rather than the other way around.

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Location, Location, Location

Registrars can only perform ceremonies in the registry office, or in specific licensed rooms in certain venues. If you don’t want to be so restricted by a location, a civil celebrant provides much more versatility. Pretty gardens, a historical nook of a magical building or seated on a horse-drawn carriage…be as creative as you like with a civil celebrant!

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Genuinely Bespoke

Another wonderful thing about working with a civil celebrant is that you can design a ceremony that is perfect for you as a couple. Share your best memories as a couple, read a powerful piece of literature that sums up your commitment to each other or incorporate rituals that originate from a variety of belief systems. While registrars cannot include any religious undertones – and religious leaders can only be led by the tradition of the church – civil celebrants will allow whatever makes most sense to you.

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A feeling of family

When you go through the process of designing your ideal wedding ceremony with a civil celebrant, you will also create rapport with the individual who will lead the most important day of your life. The civil celebrant will feel more like a friend or family member by the time your wedding day comes around, which will make you feel more relaxed, and feels more in-keeping with the sentiment of getting married. With registrar-led weddings, it is very likely you won’t have met the registrar previously. Having the legalities previously sorted out prior to a ceremony led by a civil celebrant will also add to the feeling of a relaxing, intimate and family-focused wedding.

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Create a wedding ceremony like no-one else’s with a civil celebrant and enjoy the plentiful benefits on your big day.

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