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20 Wedding Trends for 2018

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From capes and geometric shapes, to home cooking and stop motion films, 2018 is packed full of new wedding trends.

Keep your wedding current in 2018 by checking out these weird, wonderful and unexpected wedding trends for 2018.

1. Royal Flair

Given the announcement that Prince Harry will be marrying Meghan Markle in 2018, weddings are set to have a royal flavour. Think lace details, white flowers and stately tiaras.

2. Sheer Materials

Almost see-through materials are very popular in 2018 wedding designs, with semi-opaque curtains separating spaces and sheer materials being used in wedding dresses. Giving an airy vibe yet differentiating design is all the rage.

3. Hanging Décor

Saving space on tables and moving design-led focal points off tables and into the air is the decorative direction of 2018. This is all about hanging flowers, dangling baubles and a little traditional bunting.

4. Plunging Necklines

All the big-name wedding dress designers have released wedding dresses for 2018 that have daringly plunging necklines. The sexy wedding dress look is well and truly in, with many designs featuring split skirts too.

5. Invitation Inspiration

Couples love finding their perfect stationery for invitations and place names, and 2018 is seeing this move beyond paper. Sewing names into fabric or carving it into wood is what it’s all about.

6. Conjugal Capes

Wedding trains have well and truly been replaced with capes. Appearing on all the major catwalks, wedding dresses are becoming multi-dimensional with flowing capes adding another layer to the look.

7. Pearls of Wisdom

In the jewellery world, classic pearls are making a comeback. They may never have really left, but there’s a distinct trend towards incorporating them into wedding designs, whether they’re sewn into dresses, or added as unusual adornments to table settings.

8. Silver, Chrome and Copper

Where metallic shades such as rose gold have reigned supreme over the last few years, wedding décor is becoming silver in 2018. For those who like a warmer vibe, copper is also making its way into wedding decorations, including in water vessels and cutlery.

9. Quirky Entertainment

Photo-booths have become part of the wedding landscape in the last few years and they’re ever popular for 2018 too. As well as this, couples are looking for other quirky forms of entertainment for weddings, including doughnut eating competitions and having mini-sports contests in full wedding attire.

10. Sleeves

Wedding dresses go through phases of being sleeved or sleeveless, and 2018 is definitely a sleeved year. It makes sense this royal wedding year especially, as lacy sleeves on wedding dresses are a favourite among royals too.

11. Decadent Desserts

While the traditional wedding cake isn’t going anywhere, couples are looking to supplement the sweet tooth with unexpected desserts in 2018. Think Prosecco popsicles, ice cream factories and multi-layered dessert shots.

12. Geometric Shapes

The design world is full of geometric shapes at the moment and in 2018, this is becoming part of wedding design too. Whether in the form of quirky candle holders or unusual hexagonal cakes, geometry is here to stay.

13. Minimalistic Interiors

While quirky touches are all the rage, keeping reception venues open, airy and minimalistic is important to happy couples in 2018. Not overstuffing a room and celebrating natural light or shadows cast by candles is the way forward.

14. Greenery Only

Bouquets and table arrangements in 2018 are becoming greener, to the point where flowers won’t be used at all in some cases. Blending a combination of green leaves and ivy creepers, expect to see bouquets and table settings that celebrate the English countryside style at its best.

15. Two-piece Bridesmaid Outfits

Bridesmaids have never really worn anything else except a dress, but this is being shaken up in 2018 with a swathe of two-piece bridesmaid designs. Think flowing skirts and fitted tops in creams and pastels.

16. Exposed Edison bulbs

Fairy lights and candles have been lighting up weddings for longer than we can remember. In 2018, the home décor trend of installing Edison bulbs with loosely coiled filaments is making its way into weddings too.

17. Old Fashioned Home Cooking

While wedding food took a decadent turn for a while, with lavish five-course meals and unusual ingredients, 2018 is taking it back to basics a bit. Couples are opting for simpler and seasonal favourites, from bangers and mash to fish and chips.

18. Vintage Grooms

The vintage trend has been around for a while, but in 2018, more grooms are catching on, with bow ties, braces and tweed fabrics.

19. Stop Motion Films

In 2018, photography and videography is merging in the form of stop motion films. Ideal for those who don’t fancy being filmed all day long, stop motion films use hundreds of still photos to create a film story of the big day.

20. Coloured Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses on the fashion runways have been getting daring for 2018, with black, red and pale blue wedding dresses all making an appearance. Something for the courageous, expect to see a few wedding photos from 2018 with bold splashes of colour.

Whether you go all-out when embracing 2018’s wedding trends, or pick and choose just a few to incorporate into your big day, the year has all the hallmarks of being a trendsetting one when it comes to weddings.

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