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Culinary Team Building - What are the Benefits?

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Nothing brings people together like good food and drink – that’s why we highly recommend our culinary team building activities.

Being creative with food and drink is a great way of building relationships amongst colleagues as it puts everyone on the same level playing field. Not only are these activities fantastic fun, interestingly, these are the tools for some of the most powerful personal learning experiences we see with our clients. They test timing, task allocation, creativity, resource planning, innovation, working under pressure and the ability to trust one another as the team collaborate towards a common goal.

Managers and participants alike are always amazed by how much they learn to improve tolerance, communication, effective collaboration and presentation skills when completing these activities.

This collection particularly focuses on enhancing timing, planning, creativity and trust. An added bonus is that teams get to indulge in their creations at the end!

Canapé Challenge

The group is divided into sub teams of 3 to 5 and allocated a workstation with a range of equipment and ingredients. Their challenge is to devise, design and deliver a selection of canapés within an hour. The task encourages interaction and innovation amongst team members and is a particularly popular activity for the group to participate in towards the end of a day’s meeting, as they can all enjoy their creations before departing.


‘Teamcakes’ revolves around 2 or 3 people decorating a cake with the only team member allowed to touch the cake at any time being blindfolded.  Having to rely on another team member for directions requires excellent two way communication and trust. It also encourages a strong level of creativity.

Cocktail Challenge

Ideal as a pre dinner activity, the Cocktail Challenge requires a group to devise their own themed four-course menu and then creating a cocktail to compliment it. This is a great activity for people to mix and build relationships in a fun, relaxed environment, and encourages effective collaboration techniques.

Chocolate Challenge

Following an expert demonstration of chocolate making, teams are challenged to design and produce a chocolate selection using the ingredients provided. The chocolates must then be packaged and presented ready to be judged for their taste, appearance and the overall presentation. This is a fantastic opportunity to build morale and strengthen relationships among co-workers and is from our Extreme range, taking a minimum of 3 hours to complete.

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