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10 of our Favourite Dog Walks in Warwickshire

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There's lots of beautiful walks to take your dogs on in Warwickshire. Here's our ten top picks:

1. Coombe Abbey Park

Coombe Abbey has 500 acres of gardens, with areas specially for bird watching and lakeside walks. It’s ideal for everyone, from families to wildlife enthusiasts and those just looking for a quiet stroll in the woodland with their pets.

Coombe Abbey - Dog Walk-1-1

Stormi at Coombe Abbey. Photo by @the_merle_plug_stormi

2. Parliament Piece

A nature reserve with lots of open grassland and a pond. It has 6 hectares of flat walks so it's perfect for gentle strolls. There may be livestock in some of the fields so make sure to take a lead with you.

3. War Memorial in Coventry

Coventry’s biggest city park, the War Memorial Park. They have an outdoor fitness trail and a water park. Unfortunately, our furry friends can’t join in the water but they can watch from a distance.

War Memorial - Dog Walk
Thor making friends at The War Memorial. Photo by @thorxmarley

4. Kenilworth Castle

There is a 6-mile circular walk that starts at Kenilworth Castle and boasts beautiful countryside views along the way. There are no stiles and the walk is perfect for dogs, but don't forget to watch out for the livestock.

Kenilworth Castle - Dog walk

Lola at Kenilworth Castle. Photo by @lola_thecocker7

5. Stratford Greenway

This trail follows the course of an old railway. As you travel through the route you can spot many wildflowers including wild carrot and cowslips. Keep an eye out to ensure your furry friend doesn't eat them all! The full length of the walk is around 5 miles but you can choose how far you go.

6. Abbey fields

With beautiful views of the Castle and historic town of Kenilworth from its grassy slopes, Abbey Fields is the perfect place for your dogs to have a runaround. There is also a large play area to take little ones to making it a great family day out. 

Abbey Fields-1

Buckles at Abbey Fields. Photo by @buckles_the_cockapoo

7. Ryton Pools

Over 100 acres of space ready for your dogs to run around in! They have surfaced paths, which makes Ryton Pools Country Park a haven for walking. 

Ryton Pools - Dog walk

Benji at Ryton Pools Country Park. Photo by @benji_boy_4

8. Kenilworth Road Woodlands

Making an entrance from Coventry to Kenilworth the woodlands are an historic route. Making it the perfect scenery for a walk with your pooch.

9. Burton Dassett Hills Country Park

In southern Warwickshire, Burton Dassett Hills consists of a range of picturesque rolling hills that command views over much Warwickshire. Whilst walking your dogs, this is also the perfect place to fly a kite as it can often be windy up on the hills. 

Burton Dasset-1-1

Moss at Burton Dassett Hills. Photo by @hessianandtwine

10. Draycote Water              

A reservoir set high in the Warwickshire countryside, with a 25-acre country park. It has a 5-mile tarmac path around the reservoir so you could ride your bike around and see if your dog can keep up. They are bound to be worn out after that!

Draycote Water - Dog Walk

Kiki at Draycote Water. Photo by @kiki_frenchton

With all of these walks, you will have plenty to do for the weeks to come.

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