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How Important is the Venue to Event Success

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From food and facilities to location and customer service, there’s a lot to consider when planning any event. Get the venue right and meetings, conferences and big celebrations have the power to become resounding success stories.

Whether for business or pleasure, events require careful planning, attention to detail and focus on the right priorities. For business meetings, training days and conferences, a fitting event venue is likely to be one that has reliable Wi-Fi, the right technology for presentations and an easily accessible geographical locality. For parties and celebrations, the ideal location will have excellent food and catering options, as well as flexibility to decorate according to a particular style or theme.

Finding the right venue can make or break an event and has a persuasive effect on the lasting impression guests walk away with.

Here are the different aspects to focus on to ensure your venue leads to event success:

Location and Surroundings

The ideal locality for an event venue is both practical and inspiring. Logistically, the best venues for business or personal events are in locations that everyone can get to easily. It should be straightforward to drive to and not too far from a major road or a motorway, with ample parking. A venue should have some public transport travel options too. The best venues also have inspiring surroundings – great for encouraging productivity at business events and perfect for the photographs that go along with celebrations and parties.

Food and Drink

Often one of the most important things at any event. Quality, choice and adaptability for dietary requirements are all key aspects to look for in event catering. Venues with experienced, slick kitchen environments will be able to feed corporate delegates efficiently, while they’ll also be adept at providing variety and some wow factor for celebratory events. There’s nothing that creates discontent more than poor or slow food at an event. Get it right and guests will be raving about it for years to come.


Service and Facilities

Ensuring an event venue has staff who provide effortless service with a smile goes a long way to giving guests a brilliant time. As well as providing the right people, ensure a venue also has an abundance of essential facilities, such as bathrooms with plenty of cubicles to avoid queuing and various routes and access points to the rooms you’ll be using to circumvent crowded hallways. Gripes associated with details like this are easy to avoid by choosing a quality venue. For events over two days or more, a venue with accommodation will win you brownie points with guests, removing the pressure and stress of having to travel elsewhere to sleep.

Size and Capacity

Choose a venue that fits your number of attendees well. A space that is too small will feel cramped and claustrophobic, while rooms that are too large will make an event feel empty and lacking in ambience. Check the capacity of a room or venue against the purpose of your event – for example a seated dinner requires more space than a standing cocktail reception.

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Even if you want a venue with a quaint or traditional feeling, good technology is vital. Business delegates will rely on excellent Wi-Fi, while organisers will need big screens and microphones. Celebratory events are likely to require different lighting options and a high-quality sound system. The best technology solutions are not intrusive but add tangible value to guests.

The perfect venue for any event is underpinned by flawless facilities and well-planned logistics, providing a solid backbone to engaging, good-looking and polished events.

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