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Stay Sharp: Top Tips for More Productive Meetings

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Are you getting the results you want from your meetings? Here's five top tips to ensure every meeting you have engages your delegates and is highly productive:

Get on your feet

Research shows that stand-up meetings are (on average) 34% shorter than their ‘sit down’ equivalents. Holding a meeting with people on their feet helps to generate a greater sense of urgency and encourages interaction.

Stay hydrated

Encourage delegates to drink water throughout the meeting to keep them alert and engaged. Water should be plentiful and easily accessible without the need to disrupt the meeting.

Keep moving

If you do have a ‘sit down’ meeting, make sure there are plenty of opportunities for people to get up and have breaks. Changing meeting rooms throughout an event or changing room layouts can also really help keep everyone’s concentration levels at their peak

Keep it natural

People strive on natural light, so ensure you meeting room has plenty of natural daylight. If there’s outdoor space at your venue, be sure to utilise it or incorporate it into your agenda. Research has found that ‘fresh air time’ improves short-term memory and reduces stress.

Eat the right foods

To optimise concentration levels, always prioritise proteins over carbohydrates when selecting lunch (but don’t cut out the carbohydrates all together, they’re important to boost serotonin into the brain). Grazing on healthy snacks throughout the day is also beneficial – avoid cakes and biscuits and opt for fruit and nuts (such as Brazil and cashews) which release energy slowly.

Pre-Meeting Planning Checklist PDF