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9 Tactics to Re-Energise your Team

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Looking for some new ideas to re-energise your team? Whether it's at the start of a new year or ahead of a new project, check out these 9 tactics...

1. Have an Open Conversation with the Team

Ask members of the team when they felt the most and least energised over the last year. As well as giving you a sense of what the team found motivating, having an honest conversation also helps people feel valued and empowered. If team members say they felt energised due to something specific, whether a team-building day or a special thanks from the CEO about a team project, find a way to replicate this feeling in the year ahead too.

2. Celebrate Success

Take some time to summarise everything the team has achieved in a ‘thank you’ email to the team, then describe plans for the year ahead or next project to build on this. Go out for a team breakfast or lunch to mark the occasion and to show the team you genuinely appreciate their work.

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3. Organise Team Building

Getting people out of their usual environment to do something totally different – where job descriptions don’t matter – is a great way to infuse a team with renewed energy. Plan for team building days throughout the year to have various touch points where engagement is guaranteed. Working hard to create a positive team dynamic within each team is important, but employees should also have close relationships with the rest of the business too. Getting together for a company away day is crucial to engage every person in the business and make them aware what role everyone has to play.

4. Lead by Example

Don’t underestimate how your mood in the office affects others. Even if you’re having a tough day or if it’s a difficult time for the company, find the positives in all situations and share these with the team. If you demonstrate a positive attitude and remain motivated, this will have a knock-on effect on how the team feels. 

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 5. Allow some Autonomy

Talk with team members about new ideas they would like to try, or alternative ways they could complete their ongoing tasks. Making employees an active part of how their job can be fulfilled is a great way to show people their input is valued and that they have some control over their working lives.

6. Encourage Employees’ Passions

Aside from the main tasks employees have to accomplish in their roles, take notice of what staff members seem particularly passionate about. If it’s something they don’t get much of an opportunity to do in the workplace, see if there’s a way to get them involved in something that really excites them. Whether it’s social media, project management or organising a five-a-side football league, allowing employees to bring their own personalities into the workplace can be energising both for the individual and the business.

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7. Look at the Workplace

Sometimes a lack of motivation can have nothing to do with the team and everything to do with the environment. A lack of natural light, uninspiring open plan offices or dull meeting rooms can all contribute to this. See if there are simple fixes that can be made, such as bringing in some plants, peppering break-out spaces with bright sofas or stocking the kitchen with some good quality coffee.

8. Support Meaningful Development

Make the time to discuss career aspirations with employees. Allow them to be open about where they would like to take their career – which could be beyond your business – and see what you can do to help them get there. Listening to people and supporting them with relevant training opportunities or mentorship is a great energiser.

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9. Encourage Everyday Bonding

Team bonding doesn’t just happen at dedicated team building away days – it’s an everyday process too. Give this a helping hand by introducing more regular ways for employees to get together, whether it’s coffee and croissants before your regular team meetings or a monthly trip to the pub quiz. 

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