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Increase Employee Motivation with Team Building

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According to research by psychometric assessment specialist, Talent Q, employers are lacking understanding in what motivates their people.

The report revealed that 81 per cent of employees would be more engaged and energised if their employers understood what motivated them as individuals. Nearly a third of employees are unmotivated in their job, with 10 per cent claiming to be ‘very unmotivated’ and 37% planning to leave their current role in the next 12 months.

Drive Employee Motivation

This research clearly highlights that organisations need to assess individual motivation and truly understand what stimulates their employees. It also demonstrates the need to empower managers with the tools and resources to help drive employee motivation and engagement level.

As a manager, you don’t always have a true vision of what your employees want, but if you give them a chance to spell it out for you, you’ll have a better idea about how you can motivate them. The first step is to explore what makes your employees tick as individuals.

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Introduce Team Building

One of the ways in which businesses can help to increase engagement amongst employees is by introducing team building.

At Teamscapes Learning, bespoke team building programmes can be incorporated into your long-term business strategy, to help drive your strategy and ensure return on investment.

Teamscapes activities are mental and strategic puzzles, not strenuous exercises. They are designed to improve communication skills and team work challenges such as problem solving – the group that works together most efficiently to complete the team building activities will be the most successful. These learned improvements are directly transferable and will improve team performance back in the work place.

We understand that not everyone is motivated by the same activity; what motivates one individual may not have the same impact on another, hence why a bespoke team building programme is required. Rather than choosing one specific team building activity for everyone, we’ll work with you to discuss your objectives, any challenges you want to overcome, and recommend a selection of activities that will benefit your employees as individuals.

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