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10 of the Best Event Apps

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Make your events more personal, immersive and engaging with event apps that will make your occasions stand out from the crowd.

Choosing the right technology to support an event makes a genuine difference to the experience of delegates. Moreover, the right apps can also help create long-term engagement between your company and your event delegates, leading to greater business success.

Whether you need help communicating with your delegates before, after and during events, or if you want to make your events more personalised, there are apps to help with all of this and more. Using apps is also an environmentally-friendly option, helping you cut out the need for paper registration forms, event guides and other printed material.

Here are our top 10 event apps:

1. Eventbrite Onsite

If you use Eventbrite anyway to sell tickets to your events, it makes sense to use Eventbrite Onsite for your event app too. As well as allowing you to easily create a bespoke app for an event, it enables you to publish real-time updates to specific user categories, run forums and live polls.

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2. Attendify

This app helps you manage events from start to finish. This is thanks to its ability to let users book onto and pay for an event, as well as check-in at the event when they arrive. The social network functionality also brings events to life, with options for attendees to create personal profiles, send messages to other attendees and share photos of their event experience.

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3. sli.do

Perfect for managing questions from the audience and live polling, sli.do is a great app for encouraging engagement between event delegates and organisers. It can also be used in a web version, which is helpful for event attendees who don’t want to download an app. It’s as useful for crowdsourcing top questions and concerns in team meetings as it is for events on a much larger scale.

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4. SpotMe

This app is ideal for event planning and content sharing, offering the ability to share presentations, create personalised agendas and manage Q&A sessions. An easy Excel import function helps event planners set up an event on the app in minutes too.

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5. Presdo Match

Ideal for encouraging event attendees to network and connect before, during and after an event, Presdo Match allows delegates to import their LinkedIn profiles to the app. It’s an easy way for attendees to meet other delegates for business networking, while event organisers can better understand their audience.

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6. EventMobi

For those who run events with delegates speaking multiple languages, EventMobi is a great event app option. The app supports 17 languages, helping event organisers communicate with attendees in their native languages. The app also supports other key event needs, including registration, live polling and surveys.

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7. Tagboard

This app allows event organisers to easily curate the top social media posts shared by event delegates and display them on big screens at a venue. It’s an ideal way for encouraging delegates to engage with an event, while it also demonstrates positive engagement with your business.

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8. Pathable

This all-purpose option allows you to create your own bespoke app for an event. It has features such as QR badges, live polls, gamification, event maps and meeting scheduling.

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9. Crowdsignal

This polling app is great for using live at events to get an audience to respond to any questions you wish to pose. The great thing about it is that Crowdsignal also works seamlessly across other digital platforms, with options for embedding it in websites and sending out emails with poll questions. It’s particularly helpful for those who want to reach wider audiences than solely those attending specific events.

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10. Kahoot!

A gamification app, Kahoot! is popular at events, team building days and company meetings. It gives event organisers a fun way of sharing important messages through questions and games, engaging participants and consolidating knowledge. Gamification is seen as being such a useful tool in business nowadays, 97% of Fortune 500 companies play Kahoot!

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Whether you’re planning small team sessions or large-scale events, these apps can lead to a smoother experience for event planners and delegates, as well as higher engagement and longer term relationships.

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