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6 Reasons Why Entering Awards is Good for Business

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At Sundial, we’re proud to be multi-award winning. We enter a number of prestigious industry award programmes each year and have been fortunate enough to win and receive commendations in many of them. But why do we enter them? What are the major benefits of entering awards in any industry?

1. Stand out from the competition

Awards are a fantastic way of helping your company stand out from the crowd. Independently assessed, they provide a genuine comparison between your company and its peers.

2. Generate brand awareness

Winning awards gives your company something to shout about and provides great PR potential - a cost-effective way of raising brand awareness.

3. Send a positive message to customers

Awards send positive messages to customers, reassuring them that they’re making the right choice.

4. Send a positive message to prospects

Awards independently endorse a company’s success and can be a persuasive factor for prospects considering doing business with you. Endorsement can be especially powerful when awards are won as a direct result of customer votes.

5. Send a positive internal message

Awards send positive messages to employees that their company is doing well and helps generate company pride. They can also provide recognition of employee contribution to that success, impacting job satisfaction and retention. They also play a positive role in recruitment, attracting people to a successful company.

6. Provide opportunity to celebrate company successes

Award success also provides the opportunity for a company to stop and reflect on their achievements which might otherwise pass by uncelebrated.

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