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An Introduction to Residential Learning & Development

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Residential training involves staying on-site at a specified venue for the entire length of a business event or course. This training format is especially suited to very in-depth course material, or programmes that cannot fit in to one single day. It will also benefit delegates preparing for examinations or professional qualifications.

What are the benefits of Residential Training?

Residential training gives you…

Time to focus

Staying on-site for the duration of a course allows you to focus for an uninterrupted period of time and ensures you can focus fully on the topic at hand.

A distraction-free environment

Away from your usual working environment, you’re free from the trappings of the office and the pressure of phone calls, emails, colleagues and clients.

Freedom to think

A change of scene can help you relax and see things more clearly, from a new perspective, outside of the corporate environment.

The chance to get to know others better

Residential training gives you the time to connect with your colleagues more deeply, away from the hustle and bustle of normal working life.

An opportunity to ‘switch off’

All your basic needs are taken care of, from food, to a comfortable bed, to parking and Wi-Fi, leaving you free to concentrate completely on what needs to be done.

Our advice on what to look for when choosing a Residential Venue

  • A pleasant or inspirational location
  • A friendly, welcoming and calm atmosphere
  • An accessible location for delegates (but a healthy distance from your workplace)
  • Suitable facilities and services for your individual needs
  • A ‘tried and tested’ venue with good customer testimonials and, ideally, independent awards

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