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10 Qualities that make a Great Team Player

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Great teams include people with a wide range of different personality types. Whatever personality type you are, with the right attitude, resolve and patience, you can be a really impactful team member. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of people become better team players – here are 10 stand-out qualities we’ve identified along the way.

1. Active

Comes prepared and isn’t afraid to share ideas.

2. Respectful

Prepared to listen to others and respect different points of view.

3. Initiative

Takes responsibility and shows initiative (without waiting to be asked).

4. Reliable

Keeps their word and remains committed to what they say they’ll do

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5. Open

Prepared to share knowledge and experience for the good of the team

6. Constructive

Makes points in a positive, confident and respectful way.

7. Good listener

Prepared to hear (and respect) the views of others.

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8. Cooperative

Works positively with others, figuring out ways to overcome any differences.

9. Flexible

Prepared to bend their own views, compromising when needed.

10. Committed

Focused on the overall success of the team and the inclusion of everyone within it.

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