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5 of the Best Meeting Ice Breakers

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An ice breaker is an activity or game that is often used by organisers of meetings or training sessions to welcome and warm up the conversation amongst participants.

A well-chosen ice breaker can help to build a positive team atmosphere and improve motivation, allowing individuals to break out of their cliques and form relationships with new groups in a non-threatening and fun way.

By getting to know each other in a relaxed fun way at the start of the day, participants become more engaged, making them more receptive to listening and contributing for the rest of the day. 

Top Tips

  • Keep it short - Don't burn up half the meeting with an ice breaker, be realistic about how much time you have.
  • Consider the size of group - If you have too many people for the ice breaker, you may want to consider splitting into smaller groups - it will be much more effective.
  • Don’t forget props – If you need props and materials, make sure there are plenty available ahead of the meeting.
  • Have fun – Let everyone have fun; it will help them to relax and feel comfortable.

Below are five simple ice breakers to kick off your next meeting:

Guess Who

Think of a famous person or character and write their name on a post-it. Place it on someone else’s forehead. That person then takes it in turns to ask the group questions about the name on their forehead.

Who Does What?

Write down 2 things about yourself on 2 slips of paper (e.g. hobbies or things you have done. The group takes it in turns to pick a slip, read it aloud and guess who it relates to.


Using paper and colouring pens, design a flag that best represents you. Draw objects and symbols to bring your personality and personal qualities to life! Share with the group.

True or False?

Share three interesting facts about yourself with the group. Make one of them false. Did everyone guess correctly?

Desert Island

You’re stranded on a desert island for a year. You may take a piece of music, a book and a luxury item with you. What would you take and why? Get everyone to share their choices with the group.

At Sundial, we have plenty of ice breaker ideas to spice up your meeting. Just speak to our team.

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