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Learning & Development Conference 2019

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Sundial Group's 4th annual Learning & Development Thought Leaders’ Conference was a huge success, with 100% of attendees saying they would recommend the event to others. 

Held at Highgate House in Northamptonshire, on Friday 14th June, the event brought together over 75 learning & development professionals from a wide range of businesses for an educational day of speaker sessions. 

The topic for the day was 'You Be the Change' and a variety of speakers took to the stage to share their experiences and discuss topics around change management, mental health in the workplace and resilience. 

View the video from the conference here:



You can download the speaker's presentation slides via each link below:

Kirsty Dean, Passion Inc - 'Engaging People Through Times of Challenge and Change' 

Attracting and retaining talent in today’s competitive and connected world is more challenging than ever. Building an authentic employer brand means engaging your employees in a whole new way. In this session, Passion Inc focus on the critical skills your leadership community needs to effectively support successful organisational and cultural transformation.

Download Kirsty Dean's Presentation here >

David Frost, The Imperfect Life Coach - 'The Dark Art of Resilience'

This presentation is an uplifting look at the practice of resilience, to equip us with emotional strength we need to tackle life's obstacles. It's not about putting on a suit of armour, it's about flexibility. Be the reed that can bend and remain intact during a storm, unlike the mighty oak tree. 

Download David Frost's Presentation here >

David Thomas, Finding the Difference - 'It’s not the cards you are dealt with in life, but the way that you play them'

We all have significant challenges as we go through life. How we deal with them ultimately determines our success. David shares his past of how he went from a terribly abusive childhood to becoming one of the most successful people in his area of expertise. As one of the world’s leading experts on memory and learning, David will also share strategies on how we can enhance getting our message across in the workplace.  

Download David Thomas's Presentation here >

Jane Neil and Kathryn England, White Cloud - 'Mental Health First Aid at Work'

An opportunity for participants to consider how mentally healthy their workplace is, and learn more about how Mental Health First Aid training can develop the language and culture in order to support a strategic approach. 

Download Jane and Kathryn's Presentation here >

Tim Grice, Purple Tiger UK - 'The Hero’s Journey – A Blue Print for People Change'

In this interactive workshop attendees should expect to be involved as Tim reveals approaches that allow you to move from purely rational communications, to creating stronger emotional connections with the desired new state. Using clips from some of the world’s favourite movies he will demonstrate how storytelling can be used to engage people into driving change. 

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