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How to Motivate your Remote Team

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The Office of National Statistics reports that more people are working from home than ever before and it’s predicted that, within the next five years, as many as 60% of all office-based workers will work from home.

Remote workers tend to be self-motivated and are said to be 13% more productive than their office counterparts. They’re also reported to be off sick a lot less.

For all the benefits however, there are things that need to be taken into consideration to ensure companies get the best out of them. Here are our 6 top tips for motivating remote teams:

Ensure Briefs Are Clear

Miscommunication is often reported to the main cause of work-related dissatisfaction amongst remote workers and can drastically impact productivity. Clear briefs help ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals and that equal expectations are shared by both parties.

Let Them Work To Their Own Schedule

Remote workers work to different schedules and are at their most productive and creative at different times. For this reason, micro-management proves to be counter-productive. Giving them the freedom (and trust) to deliver to agreed deadlines results in better work and happier, more engaged workers.

Hold Regular Face-to-face Meetings

Remote workers often report feeling detached from their colleagues, and from company culture.  Regular face-to-face meetings go a long way towards helping them feel connected. They also provide great opportunity for team collaboration and creativity.

Consider A Neutral Meeting Environment

Remote workers and their office-based colleagues are shown to thrive when their team meetings are held off-site. External venues have the advantage of providing neutral meeting environments where everyone’s contribution is equally respected, they also help overcome any possible ‘them and us’ mentalities.

Give Positive Feedback

Positive feedback plays an important role in motivation. Remote workers often report feeling isolated and they experience less support and feedback than their office-based colleagues. Being reminded of their value and contribution provides them with a greater sense of self-worth and positively impacts their productivity.

Bring Them Together With Team Building

With team members located in different parts of the country, it can often be hard to create a healthy team culture. Bringing everyone together for a team building event can be really beneficial to improve cohesion, build trust and allow individuals to form bonds.

If you need help finding a meeting or training environment for your remote team, or if you’d like to plan a team building event, get in touch with us.

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