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8 Steps to Greener Meetings

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Green meetings can significantly help to reduce any negative impact your meeting may have on the environment. They make good business sense too. Here are our 8 steps to help you go greener:

1. Go Green

Eliminate the need for any paper before, during and after your event. Do everything digitally, it’s easier than you think.

2. Select Green

Choose a venue that’s genuinely dedicated to the environment. Ask them about their green credentials and what they can do to help you make your meeting as green as possible. Download our infographic about choosing a green meeting venue.

3. Use Green

If you’re going paperless with stationary then don’t spoil your efforts with disposable catering supplies. Ensure your venue offers real china and glass (with jugs for water not plastic bottles) to prevent any unnecessary waste.

4. Eat Green

Make sure the food you eat at your event is green too; that it’s sustainably produced, local and all made fresh and naturally.

5. Travel Green

Encourage shared transport to your meeting venue to help reduce your collective emissions. Some venues even offer rewards for travelling green, so don’t forget to ask.

6. Save Green

Doing your bit to help the environment is cost effective too. You’ll definitely notice a saving on your meeting budget.

7. Promote Green

Don’t forget to tell everyone about your efforts! Spread the word about your commitment to sustainability to help motivate and inspire others to do the same. It’ll do wonders for your company’s reputation too.

8. Think Green

Once you start being green, you won’t be able to stop the green ideas from coming. You can never do enough – think of it as an evolving process!

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