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10 Great Ways to Get on your Feet More at Work

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Did you know that prolonged sitting can be harmful? According to research by the British Heart Foundation, over 4 hours sitting a day can impact your overall health and make you twice at risk of cardiovascular disease compared to people who stand. Also, calorie burning slows down to just one calorie per minute when you’re seated, so it’s important to keep moving.

Get on your Feet

Working in an office or doing a sedentary job makes being on the move more challenging, but there are a few things you can do to help get on your feet more. Here are some ideas:

  1. Start the day by going to the gym or why not walk or cycle to work? If you need to drive, park a little further away than you need to and walk the rest.
  2. Rather than email your colleagues, go and chat with them in person.
  3. Take a break at lunchtime. Eat away from your desk and take a brief walk if you can.
  4. Forget using the lift - always take the stairs.
  5. Set an alarm at regular intervals to remind you to get up and move around.
  6. Stand up during a meeting and encourage others to join you.
  7. Stand when making phone calls and go for a walk whenever you take a call on your mobile.
  8. Head outdoors for a walking meeting or an outdoor meeting.
  9. Incorporate a team building exercise or activity into your next meeting that gets you on your feet.
  10. Get up and swap places with your colleagues during a long work meeting.

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