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Interview with Sous Chef Mary Palecek

Mary Palecek, Sous Chef, at our Warwickshire hotel, Woodside, has [..]

5 Great Ways To Use Pumpkin

With autumn in full flow and Halloween just around the corner, now is[..]

Bee Inspired Recipe: Honey and Spice Cake

This honey and spice cake is full of flavour, great for afternoon tea.

Bee Inspired Recipe: Honey and Hazelnut Biscuits

Our chefs share a simple recipe for tasty honey and hazelnut biscuits.


Bee Inspired Recipe: Apple Cinnamon and Honey Muffins

Our honeybees have been busy over the summer, so much so that we've now[..]

The Health Benefits of Honey

Our honeybees have been busy this summer, so much so that we’re about[..]

Bee Inspired Recipe: Honey Pickled Cucumber

A simple pickled cucumber recipe - great for summer barbecues! 


Bee Inspired Recipe: Honey and Mustard Dressing

Make your own honey and mustard dressing - perfect for summer salads.


Bee Inspired Recipe: Honey Marinade for Chicken and Vegetables

A simple recipe for a tasty honey marinade, delicious on chicken and[..]

Bee Inspired Recipe: Honey Glazed Rump of Lamb

Honey glazed rump of lamb with parsley new potatoes, sautéed green[..]

Bee Inspired Recipe: Lemon and Honey Sponge Cake

At Sundial, we've just given a home to over 300,000 honeybees. With bee[..]

Summer Smoothie Recipes

Fruit smoothies are packed with essential nutrients your body needs to[..]

Start the Day with a Brain Boosting Breakfast

You’ve heard it a million times but it’s true, breakfast is in fact the[..]

Interview with Head Chef at Highgate House, Lee Gaskins

We catch up with Lee Gaskins, Head Chef at Highgate House in[..]

Interview with Head Chef at Woodside, Iain Miller

We catch up with Iain Miller, Head Chef at Woodside in Warwickshire.

Culinary Team Building - What are the Benefits?

Nothing brings people together like good food and drink – that’s why we[..]

Recipe: Dessert - Fresh Strawberry Tart with Clotted Cream

End your meal on a high with this decadent strawberry tart recipe.


Recipe: Red Pepper and Saffron Risotto

Try our Head Chef's recipe for Red Pepper and Saffron Risotto, ideal as[..]

Recipe: Pan Fried Supreme of Chicken

Our Head Chef shares his recipe for Pan Fried Supreme of Chicken with[..]

Recipe: Shank of Lamb (Kleftiko)

Follow this recipe to make a delicious Shank of Lamb (Kleftico) with[..]

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